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celebration of local Spanish festivals - the virgin del carmen |

THE VIRGIN DEL CARMEN -On the evening of July 16, in the fishing villages and towns up and down the Coast, her much-loved effigy is not only paraded through the streets but also taken for a spin round the bay on a flower-adorned boat, accompanied by a flotilla of "jábegas" (fishing boats). Brass bands play, crowds cheer, rockets shoot off and fireworks fill the late dusk sky. 

Here in Sotogrande celebrate with all the boat in the harbours vying  for position  closest to the boat that carries the virgin around to the beach of Torre Guadiaro. With fog horns sounding and boat hooting in really is a celebration of sound and colour . The bmsotogrande.com team are alway lucky to be invited to share the expericance with sotogrande yachting and the owners of LaSirena- put in in you calendar for the 16 of July 2016 - a must do if you are holidaying in Sotogrande